Gwozdziec Synagogue Project Workshop Locations /

Locations of workshops in Poland in 2011 - 2013

The Making / History Gwozdziec Workshops  took place in different cities throughout Poland during three consecutive summers with professionals working shoulder to shoulder with students in 13 different travel programs.







Timber Frame Workshop /

The timber frame workshop took place in a six–week workshop in the open air Folk Architecture Museum in Sanok,Poland. Thirty professional timber framers the Timber Framers Guild representing many European countries, the United States, and Canada worked together with 130 students , faculty and  volunteers on every stage of the project.

2011 - The Ethnographic Folk Architecture Museum, Sanok

Ceiling Painting Workshops /

The ceiling painting workshops took place in 8 consecutive three–week workshops in 8 cities throughout Poland in existing masonry synagogues. The workshops were lead by 12 artist painting leaders, who worked with 110 students and volunteers over two summers to paint the 14 sections of the polychrome ceiling: the lantern, the zodiac, north dome, south dome, east dome, west dome, northeast pendentive, northwest pendentive, southwest pendentive, southeast pendentive, and north, south, east, and west coves.   

2011 - The New Synagogue - Rzeszow

2011 - The Temple Synagogue - Krakow

2011 - The White Stork Synagogue - Wroclaw 

2012 - The New Synagogue - Gdansk 

2012 - The White Synagogue - Sejny 

2012 - The Synagogue - Kazimierz Dolny 

2012 - The Synagogue - Szczebrzeszyn 

2012 - The White Stork Synagogue - Wroclaw 

Bimah Painting Workshop / 

In 2013, Handshouse Studio donated the Gwozdziec Synagogue bimah replica to the Core Exhibition of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews and created the BImah painting workshop. Referencing archival resources, students and volunteers worked with a team of 12 artists painting leaders to paint the full-scale bimah using the traditional painting and then install the bimah in the core exhibition.

2013 - Museum of the History of Polish Jews - Warsaw