1000 Horses Materials /


We suggest red earthenware (terra cotta) because the original clay figures were likely made with earthenware. If you cannot access red earthenware, you can mimic the look by using stoneware.

Here are some suggested clays:  

·      Laguna Clay #20-G (Cone 06-04), or #26 (Cone 04-1)
·      Standard Clay, 104 Red Clay with Grog (Cone 06-4) or 103 Red Clay (Cone 06-2) 

Oxides (powder)

·      Black Iron oxide
·      Red Iron oxide
·      Rutile

These oxides should get mixed with little bit of flux to better fuse on the surface of the clay—any type of low melting flux such as Frit 3124 or gerstley borate. You can use the oxide straight, but it will probably rub off a bit at the bisque temp (Cone 06). Mixing it at 50% to 50% of oxide and flux works well at Cone 06. You may mix less flux if you like to fire it at a higher temp. 


Here are some suggested underglazes:

·      Gare FS-2300P Polar Bear
·      Laguna EM-8020 Marble White
·      Duncan CC-101PT Arctic White
·      Speedball
·      Amaco

Recommended Sources

•     Portland Pottery
•     Blick
•     Sheffield Pottery