No Deception Here: Spy Museum Raising $2.25M for Massive Trojan Horse at New Building

Curators at the International Spy Museum, which is set to relocate to L’Enfant Plaza in 2018, got the idea to try to build their very own Trojan horse while visiting an art studio in Massachusetts that makes painstaking re-creations of historical artifacts.
Handshouse Studio…, which hosts classes run by professors from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, jumped at the idea to build a life-sized replica of the horse that famously carried Greek soldiers into Troy under the guise of presenting the sculpture as a gift…

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This story begins a year ago in Sanok, Poland, a small town in the far southeast of the country.  I found myself there with my colleague Tomek, looking into traces of Jewish life in the town, whose Jewish community once formed about half the population on the eve of the Holocaust.  A few relics of Jewish life do survive, but we were surprised to discover a trace of Jewish life under construction:  a rebuilding of a wooden synagogue in the town's highly regarded skansen, an open-air museum of a typical Galician town square as it would have existed a hundred years ago and more.  

— Read more about Jason Francsico's journey and his amazing discovery.   8.16


The museum, which opened in its entirety in October 2014, represents one of the largest cultural investments in the Polish capital in recent years.
    “The museum is magnificent - not only the wonderful architecture of the building, but above all the exhibition, which shows 900 documented years of shared history,” Duda said.
    “It is a museum that everyone should see,” he continued.
Duda said that the entwined history of the Polish and Jewish nations “of course had its better and worse moments” over 900 years,“but it was generally a history of good coexistence.”
    The president expressed his hope that young Jews from Israel and the United States, while visiting Holocaust sites, will also visit the Warsaw museum.
    About 3 million Polish Jews perished during World War II as a result of the extermination policies of the Nazi German occupiers. Poland's underground state, which served the Polish government-in-exile in London, operated a council of aid to Jews. However, recent historiography, confirmed by Poland's state Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) has highlighted that some ethnic Poles carried out pogroms against Jews during the war.

                                                        — From Radio Poland, 3.4.16