In this time of increasingly digitized, conceptual education, we recognize the increasing urgency of sharing Handshouse core values and commitments of the learn-by-doing approach to contextualizing history, culture, materials, and processes.  

Making HistorY

Handshouse Studio, founded by Rick and Laura Brown,  is an internationally recognized non-profit organization that creates adventurous, innovative and educational hands-on projects and workshops restoring historical objects. Through collaborative partnership with prominent organizations, scholars, historians, artists, and experts around the globe our one-of-a kind approach provides a much needed space to explore history, enhance the understanding of science, and secure the crucial role the arts played in the creation of our world today.

We need your help to make it possible. Please consider offering a tax deductible donation to Handshouse Studios.  Join the passionate, dedicated, and difference-making community of  Handshouse with your tax deductible donation.

Your donations will allow Handshouse to:

  • Offer greater access to our signature hands-on learning process to broader communities of students, and professionals, and teachers

  • Explore building a committed staff that can help orchestrate our ongoing projects in collaboration with more schools and educators.

  • Complete projects like the Trojan Horse, Banjo Project, and Toys for Elephants

  • Provide Scholarships to low-income students to attend workshops in Norwell, MA and/or oversees

  • Ensure the crucial component of expert film production is available to all of our projects to full-fill our mission of bringing this learning to the world

  • Publish the first book on the Handshouse method of teaching

Please contact us if you would like further information.

Handshouse Studios is a non-profit organization and our tax-id number is 04-3715575