DEVON DICKSON / MassArt Trojan Horse Class I, Major in Metalsmith     

DANIEL PIETERSE / MassArt Trojan Horse Class I, Majors in 3D Sculpture

I adore Rick’s idea towards making, and his reasoning behind projects… I love the idea of exploring this...and trying to figure out the possibilities of what could have been done. On the metal casting side, I want to see how it was done. I want to try and go from dig-in-the-dirt, and figure out how they cast their axes, their chisels, everything. Make them myself, and see how they work with my own hands. – Devon Dickson

Because the Trojan horse may or may not have existed, it's difficult to come up with a concrete idea of what it actually looked like. I want to grab on to something that is concrete, something that we do have evidence that it did exist—the tools used, the hatchets, chisels, hammers. We have evidence of those that exist, so we can…use that to make the horse itself. – Daniel Pieterse